FAQ - MIPIM Connect

Main question

How can I access the MIPIM Connect platform?

You can log in using your MIPIM Connect registration credentials you have received by email “Welcome email from MIPIM Connect”.
MIPIM Connect online conferences and networking are dedicated services for MIPIM 2020 delegates.
Username = MIPIM Connect registration email
Registration ID = given in the email you received
You will have to create a password to connect to the platform.

Having trouble logging in?

It can take up to 24 hours for your registration details to be available in the app. If you are still unable to login after this period, contact our .

How do I remove my details from the platform?

Removing your details will mean that you are unable to login or arrange networking opportunities through the platform.
However, if you would like to be removed please send your details to our  using the subject line “Remove from matchmaking” and we will be happy to remove your details.

How do I set up or update my profile?

Log in to the platform using your login and password > Click on your profile icon > Fill-out the different criteria by simply clicking on the field > Enter your answer and click on " add=" and then click on update preferences.

How to chat with a user?

To enable the chat option you will need to either:
Option 1: Have a confirmed meeting with someone will allow you to start chatting with him or her.
Option 2: Have mutual interest in each other using the " interest=" tool. Having a mutual interest using the interest tool will allow you to start chatting. Show interest in someone and wait for him or her to interest you back. Once they interest you back you will receive a notification and the option to chat with them will be available to you. Then, click on the chat icon to open a chat window.

How do I log out from the mobile application?

You can sign out from the app by going to the “More Section”.

How to reset my password?

The first time you login, you have to set a password. The password you have created on your first login applies to all past and future connection.
If you have forgotten you password, you can click on the link “Reset password” on the login page > Enter your email address that you have previously logged in with > click “Email me a password reset link” and go to your email inbox.
Once you have opened the email titled “Reset your MIPIM password”, click on the reset password button. It will open a new page where you can enter your new password twice and press the “Reset password” button.>

What are the Speed Networking sessions?

Speed Networking sessions are enabling attendees to take part in multiple automatically generated 1-1 meetings during a single session.
Attendees will be able to meet and connect with people they are interested in during a single session (based on attendees preferences).
The aim is to maximize the networking value in time. Each attendee who joins the session will display a list of all other attendees.

How do I access a virtual meeting room?

Once the meeting is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear (if it’s pending or cancelled the Virtual Room won’t be available).
The Virtual Meeting Room button will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled call.
Once you click on the Virtual Meeting Room button you’ll be directed to your virtual meeting room.
You can go in and out of the Virtual Meeting Room within your scheduled meeting time, however, once the meeting time has expired you won’t be able to access your Virtual Meeting Room. Meeting duration is not limited.
You’ll be able to share your screen, however, you will be unable to record your meeting.